Project setup

Hardware preparation

Before programming your Attiny85 to run kbdwtchdg you need to build your circuit. We built our project according to the following diagram:


Below you can find our suggested layout for the soldering:


This is the finished ATtiny85 board:


Below is an example photo of the connections on the AVR Dragon programmer:


AtmelStudio 7

There is an AtmelStudio 7 project file inside the repository (kbdwtchdg.atsln). It is preconfigured to use the kbdwtchdg folder as its project folder. After you made sure all your wires are connected and you selected your programmer (you can check that by reading the voltage and device signature in Tools -> Device Programming) you can build the project using Build/Build kbdwtchdg. After that, you need to set the correct fuses. Go to Device Programming -> Fuses and set EXTENDED, HIGH and LOW to the following values. All the fuses will be set correctly after clicking program:


If there are no errors you can proceed to load the project onto your Microcontroller using Debug -> Start without Debugging (Ctrl+Alt+F5).

For problems concerning V-USB, please take a look at their Troubleshooting site.

Configuring the Project

See Variables.