Welcome to kbdwtchdg’s documentation!


A watchdog running V-USB on an Attiny85 that identifies itself as a USB keyboard and sends keyboard strokes.

What Can kbdwtchdg Do?


In WTCHDG mode, kbdwtchdg listens for the capslock trigger to occur during WTCHDG_INTERVAL. If no trigger occurs, the text is written. If a trigger occurs, the timer is reset.


After receiving the capslock trigger and waiting for DELAY time the text is written.

Initial Writing

If first_start is set the text is written after INITIAL_DELAY after power up.


How to Use

The repo contains an AtmelStudio 7 project file that is preconfigured for kbdwtchdg.


The code of this project is based on Frank Zhao’s USB business card and built based on Dovydas R.’s circuit diagram for usb_pass_input_with_buttons.

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